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"I met Helen by a lucky accident- and it was supposed to be the best day ever as she turned my horses life around. My troubled and constantly lame mare enjoyed Helen’s Touch from the first minute. She even was so relaxed she went down. Heidi, my girl, doesn’t like to be touched or brushed... but she points her ears up when Helen is coming and I have never had any bonding likewise with my grumpy horse vs when Helen does her magic. Helen is a wizard through and through and we can’t live without her"

Anna, Heidi's owner

London. UK

"Some people might question the need for horse massages, and a lot of my friends may have thought me a bit bonkers when my horse gets a massage more than me, I booked Helen for a consultation to see Diamanté and didn’t know what to expect. He came over from Spain last year to the UK and spent a lot of the year quite stressed struggling to settle or quite poorly with foot, liver and ulcer problems.

He’s quite grumpy at the best of times, quite stiff as 14 years old, and still quite bitey when annoyed. Lucky Helen! Three sessions later this week Diamanté drooped his eyelids, relaxed completely, yawning away under Helens expert care, she helped massage his stiff areas and used release and relaxation techniques...I’m so glad I’ve found Helen and Diamanté is benefitting from his monthly treatment, and will be using her for post-showing treatments in the upcoming show season"

Virginia, Diamante's owner

London, UK

" My boy has hip dysplasia and can struggle on his daily walks. I know that with Helen's care and attention he is getting so much from his massages; he always seems so relaxed and much more mobile afterwards."


Bailey's owner

                          "Helen is passionate, knowledgeable, reassuring and confident in her ability to relieve pain and discomfort"


Human client

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