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Treating the horses and ponies of Vauxhall City Farm

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Vauxhall City Farm can be found tucked away in the corner of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, London. Being local to the area, I count myself very lucky to be able to offer my free time (as rare as it is!) to treat and pamper the horses and ponies there.

The riding school offers riding lessons for all ages and abilities from Tuesday to Sunday. It is also a registered RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) centre and provides an excellent service to the community. Riding school horses can be subjected to varying degrees of muscular stress, given they have to accommodate for many different riders. It is not always recognised that the riders actions and balance in the saddle can have a significant impact on a horse's own posture, balance and way of going.

The horses and ponies at Vauxhall City Farm work so hard and give so much; it is so rewarding to give something back to them. Below is a gallery of photos and videos showcasing their responses to massage. Ultimately my aim is to help keep them happy and healthy and it's lovely to see them responding so well :)

As a charity, Vauxhall City Farm relies on visitors and donations from the general public. For more details, check out

Instagram @vauxhallfarm @vcf_riding

Annie, Billy, Blossom, Digby, Fin, Herbie, Lucky, Mollie, Polo, Ronnie, Sapphire, Valentine

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